Friday, November 23, 2007

Time to say GoodBye!

I feel sad.
This is the end of the semester, and final examination is over now.
My students said " Miss, thank you for everything you have done to us. Thank you for the tutorials. Thank you for everything."
When they said those words to me I felt sad.
We are not sure we will see each other again.
They will go to different places for their studies. Some of them will continue their studies in this university.
Now I am marking their final exam papers and I miss them a lot.
They are sometimes naughty, but they know how much I love them , that's why they are naughty .
They made me confused and dizzy.
They love to do it to me. They taught me their languages.
And they asked me how to say " I love you" , how to say greetings, how to call girlfriend, boyfriend in my language.

They know my face. When I suffered from something , they asked me what happened to me.
They let me share when I got angry, when I felt sad.
Ohh My God! They are mature than I expected.
They told me I am just like their elder sister.
I am a sister more than a lecturer. How cute they are!
Now I miss them a lot.
But is life. We met at a point, we pass by that point and then we depart.
That is life.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


I am learning life lessons everyday.
Learning about people around me is interesting.
I have got a lot of lessons and some of them are expensive.
I gave my sorrows and tears to get those lessons.

People wants to be BIG person. When they want to be Big, they want the others to be Small.
They make the others Small.
Oh My God!
I am thinking, thinking and thinking.
If I want to be Big, what would I do?
I will try myself , I will find out my mistakes, and I will change myself.
I don't think I will be Big, when I make others Small.
If I did this, I was not Big in reality. It seems I were Big compared to others which were getting small.
I won't be Big by pointing out others' faults and making others small.
No way , I think.

This world is complicated.

What I am suffering now is for what I have done in my past life.
If I do something bad to someone, I will suffer for it in future. Sure!
My religion doesn't allow me to do bad things to others.

We should give our community a Good Person.

After crying, I made up my mind, I won't care who is good or bad to me.
I will try to be good to everyone whether they are good or bad to me.
I don't care.