Monday, April 30, 2007


Anthurium !
Common Name: TailFlower, Anthurium, Flamingo flower
Botanical Name: Anthurium spp.
Colour : White, Pink, Red, Cream or Green
Native to Mexico.
Sun Exposure: Light to deep shade

Growth Habits: Up to 18 inches tall (45 cm), 20 inches spread (50 cm)
Watering Needs: Needs to be kept moist and in a humid air to look at its best
Propagation: Seeds, needing at least 75°F (18°C) to germinate, division in spring
Blooming Habits:The flamingo flower blooms almost continually when the conditions are good. The red flowers are long lasting
Anthurium flowers are beautful, unique and long-lasting. It's commonly used for flower arrangement.
But ATTENTION !!! All parts of the plants are TOXIC !!!


We call it "SaParLin".
I love it very much to cook M0h-Hin-Khar , chicken curry (Ka-La-Thar-Chat) and fish head soup.
Common Name: Lemon Grass, Citronella grass
Botanical Name: Cymbopogon citratus
Native to South Asia, Southeast Asia and Australia.
Plant Part Used: leave, root
I found about lemon grass on wiki page as follows:
Lemon grass is widely used as a herb in Asian (particularly Hmong, Khmer, Thai, Lao, Philippines, Sri Lankan, Vietnamese) and Caribbean cooking. It has a citrous flavour and can be dried and powdered, or used fresh. The stalk itself is too hard to be eaten, except for the soft inner part. However, it can be finely sliced and added to recipes. It may also be bruised and added whole as this releases the aromatic oils from the juice sacs in the stalk. The main constituent of lemongrass oil is citral.
Lemon grass is commonly used in teas, soups, and curries. It is also suitable for poultry, fish, and seafood. It is often used as a tea in African countries (e.g. Togo).

tomato in the backyard

Tomato !
I love it very much for Lat-Phat-Thoat.
I love to eat it as salad with onion and chillies.
Common name: tomato
Botanical name: Lycopersicon esculentum L.
Native to: western South America
Use: Tomatoes are eaten fresh, canned, and dried. They are also used to make pastes and catsup
Although the tomato is often called a vegetable, botanically it is a fruit.


This is ZiZaWah.

I love it very much since I was 6 years old.

My Daddy and Mommy planted it as the fence around my childhood's house (in Mingaladon Township , Yangon) . My mommy bought 3 plants and grew in the garden. There are a lot of ZiZaWah on our Uni campus. S0 fragrant.

Common Name: Cape Jasmine, Gardenia

Botanical Name : Gardenia jasminoides ‘Prostrata’

Origin: China

Growth Habits: Evergreen shrub to 6 feet; glossy dark green leaves,3 to 6 inches long (7-15 cm)

Watering Needs: Regular water

Propagation: Softwood cuttings with heels in February. Roots at 80° F (27 ° C)

Gardenia jasminoides or Common Gardenia or Cape Jasmine is an evergreen shrub, which grows to a height of 2 to 6 feet, depending on the variety. Spread is about the same. The foliage of well-fed shrubs is glossy, dark-green, 2 to 4 inches long and half as wide. The flowers can be either single or double and up to 4 inches in diameter. They are waxy, white and very fragrant.


This is YuZaNa.It smells so strong.

Sometimes its smell makes me dizzy.

But I love it to grow in my garden.

Common Name: mock orange, boxwood, the honey bush, orange jessamine

Botanical Name: Murraya paniculata

Origin: India to Malaysia, southeast Asia

Growth Habits: Evergreen shrub, 5 to 12 feet tall (1.5-3.6 m), 3-6 feet wide (0.9-1.8 m); pinnate leaves, 3 to 9 ovate leaflets

Sun Exposure: Light shade

Watering Needs: Regular water

Propagation: Seeds, cuttings in summer under mist

Blooming Habits:The very fragrant white flowers come in flushes at different times during the spring, summer, and fall.

Fruiting Habits:Dark red to orange, oblong berries, up to 0.5 inch long (12 mm).

Sunday, April 29, 2007


This is my mommy's white orchid by the name Dendrobium.
Its native counrty is Thailand.
More than 1,000 natural species make dendrobium the second-largest orchid genus (next to Bulbophyllum) in the orchid family, which has over 700 genera.
Most dendrobiums are epiphytes which attach to and grow on the bark of other plants, but are not parasites.
They are widely distributed throughout the Asian and South Pacific tropics and subtropics, from lowland warm regions in northern Australia, Pawpaw New Guinea, to Thailand and Himalayan mountains.
The dendrobium species and their hybrids require a wide range of growing conditions to do well. Some require warm temperatures, while others do not flower unless they have been exposed to a period of cold and have lost all their leaves. Hobbyists have successfully grown dendrobiums and their hybrids on brightly lit window sills and even under artificial lights.

the art

This is the art. Isn't it?
lonely dry rose on my desk.


Papaya at the back yard.

Common Names: Papaya, Papaw or Paw Paw (Australia), Mamao (Brazil), Tree Melon.

Native to southern Mexico and neighboring Central America. It is now present in every tropical and subtropical country.

Papayas have exacting climate requirements for vigorous growth and fruit production. They must have warmth throughout the year and will be damaged by light frosts. Brief exposure to 32° F is damaging and prolonged cold without overhead sprinkling will kill the plants.

Cold, wet soil is almost always lethal. Cool temperatures will also alter fruit flavor. Papayas make excellent container and greenhouse specimens where soil moisture and temperature can be moderated.


My mommy bought this plant for me. I don't know what its name is. I name the flowers "babies".
Small flowers are so cute and it smells so sweet.
Flowers are alwyas up-side-down.It's unique.
You see the weeds ? sorry....I have been lazy to weed.

4 o'clock flowers

Although I don't know its botanical name , we , myanmar people name it "4 o'clock flower".

So beautiful in the sunshine.

purple orchid

This is my mommy's orchids .
Native to Thai.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

gloden shower tree

This is golden shower tree .
Blossoms in summer (March-April) in my country.
Botanical Name: Cassia fistula
Common Name: golden shower tree, India laburnum
Native to India .

most famous types of jasmine in my country

2 types of jasmines commonly found in our country.
12-month jasmine ( above one) and kyat-yone jasmine (the lower one).

my sweetest thing

This is my sweetest lillte things. Jasmine!

Botanical Name: Jasmine officialis

Native: tropical region in the world

White flowers about 1 inch in size.

pink fairy

pink fairy lily.
So cute!
In front of the lobby of our Uni, you can see those pink fairy lilies.

my love

This is my love.

fair lady

lovely rose!

little green thing

This is my favourite cute little thing in my garden.

I love it so much.

wish flowers

Those are wish flowers. Just look at them and wish something.
I am so sure that you would be surprised a few days later.


Welcome to my little Green Villa!